28 Apr 2009


I cooked a homemade Udon last night.
This is my grand mum receipt, I can't cook like my grand mum though.... Hers is the best!!
I really need Japanese food sometime.
If you taste a home made Udon, you will find a big different!

By the way, the knife is from 100YEN shop. It is still good!!!

Bike parade

Last Friday, I joined to Bike Parade.
They are aiming to show "we are here and are using same road".
Last two weeks, I know 2 cycler died by car clash. One is in front of our office, the cycler was fallen over by concrete lorry.
I went with them from Clerkenwell through Bank and London Bridge until Elephant and Castl, where had an accident two weeks ago. It is also the cyclist was fallen over by the lorry in round about.
We don't have any cycle lane, someone said that cycling in London is like committing suicide.