26 Mar 2009

Heaven By Spike Jones

Spike Jones is stunning!!
Is it not just only Skating video.

Unkle Burn my shadow

It is like a movie. I quite like their camera work.

Sheep Art

Amazing project!

These dog are so smart!!! I can't imagine how they did this much. Respect.
Samsong supported this project.

20 Mar 2009

Wabi Sabi

Do you know Wabi Sabi meaning?
My friend asked me if I know a right answer.
I just watched this on BBC i player, it is so impressive and I found a lot of Japanese beauty.
Please click here to watch!!

19 Mar 2009


On the way to our office, I saw a fire & rescue car was fallen down.

I arrived at office and I saw another accident just in front of our office.
One lady was knocked over by courier motor bike... I was watching her friend wearing purple jacket.
She was praying, asking help and had been next to her. But finally her friend died in front of her... She saw her friend was hit and after a while she died.
Despite we created a motor bike, car, train and plane, they can kill us so easily.... We are so fragile and so weak.
Like a lady wearing purple jacket, we can't do anything to save one life. Also I was just watching from our office and couldn't do anything. But I am aware that I have to appreciate my life and now.

18 Mar 2009

This day of change

This day of change. ←Crick here!
1.20 is the day of change. Yes Obama became an American President.
COURRiER Japon asked more than 100 photographer all of the world to take a photograph in that day. Some photos were in US and some are in Asia and Africa, etc.

It is really harsh!

This is t-shirt and saying "Hitlar European tour". The red marks are the countries were cancelled.

12 Mar 2009


Today something had touched me……….
Spain has new Coca-cola spot, I’m sure all the Spanish people know about it but I want to share with this ones who don’t live in Spain.

As you know coca-cola publicity is always good, shows happiness and in general is quite emotive, quite touchy….but this one is different….
The advert shows the story of Pep Mascaro and Aitana, he is a granddad who is 102 years old (is a real person, he’s is from a small town in Mallorca, he has 6 sons, 33 grandsons and 38 grand grandsons) and Aitana who is a newborn baby girl in Madrid ….. all the story is real, you see the granddad is his real life how active he is, what he likes to do…..and how he takes the first plane of his life to go to Madrid to meet Aitana….. and at the same time they show us how Aitana arrive to the world, so, they reunited the youngest and the oldest person in the country…
And the whole point of the story is…..
"What would you say to someone who came into the world at a time like this."

And the message (is the voice in off in the advert which is in spanish sorry….) from Pep Mascaro (the 102 years old grand dad) is the following:
"Hola Aitana , My name is Josep MascarĂ³ and I am 102 years old. I'm lucky, lucky to have been born, like you.
Lucky because I could hug my wife, for having met my friends, for having said good bye to them, to still be here. You must be wondering what was my reason for coming to meet you today and will be many people who will tell you that how did you think about to arrive at such a times, that there is a crisis that is impossible to be here... ja!!!! that will make you strong.
I have lived worst moments, but in the end, the only thing you'll remember are the good things. Do not entertain yourself in nonsense an find what makes you happy, the time runs too fast.
I lived 102 years and I assure you that the only thing you will not like of life is that is too short.

You can watch it in here:

Even in Spanish is worth watching it…..it really touch you…
I guess as many as you will do watching it I couldn’t stop thinking about my granddad! He was so much like him!!! And even he’s not with us anymore I want to dedicate this post to all the granddads and grandmas in the world, because they deserve it, because even they had it worse they had done it and because without them none of us would be here.
And remember even sometimes life looks difficult:

Russian Art.

OBEYs new poster.

This reminds me of Russian revolution exhibition in Tate modern.
Rodchenko & Popova show is by 17th of May.

It is absolutely stunning!!

Sofas. "Relax if you can"

Do you want to buy these sofas?

All are advertising posters. "Relax if you can"

Lots of Vacant

Everybody is talking about economic crisis. Recently I can feel London is getting worse...
I found lots of vacant flat around London. You can see more if you go to outside of London.
My friend design company cut half of them.... we are fine but it is scared though...

It might be good chance to buy flat if you have cash!!!

One weekend

This is one weekend...

Band at cafe oto. We ate Japas, Japanese Tapas. it was so tasty!! Yammy.

New Mexican restaurant opening!! We ate Free burritos!! Yammy.

Bit like a factory...


Barbeque at home with lovely people.

I found this on Old st. Actually Beach is that way as UK is the island. Spring is coming now!!!