19 Mar 2009


On the way to our office, I saw a fire & rescue car was fallen down.

I arrived at office and I saw another accident just in front of our office.
One lady was knocked over by courier motor bike... I was watching her friend wearing purple jacket.
She was praying, asking help and had been next to her. But finally her friend died in front of her... She saw her friend was hit and after a while she died.
Despite we created a motor bike, car, train and plane, they can kill us so easily.... We are so fragile and so weak.
Like a lady wearing purple jacket, we can't do anything to save one life. Also I was just watching from our office and couldn't do anything. But I am aware that I have to appreciate my life and now.


Anonymous said...

uuuuauuu London is really dangerous! so be careful!!! ok??? so sad....

Donella said...

That's so sad! You don't expect to see something like that, it must have been awful. I hope I never have to experience that.

ひろみ said...

That is a very sad accident. There is no telling when happen also to us. We have to take care.