19 May 2009

Papa y Daddy

How wonderful this is!!
I think it is really important to give lots of Love to child. No need to be their parents.

Will and his adopted daughter Stassa get ready for Will's marriage to his male partner, in Barcelona, Spain. Will and his partner originally lived in California, where they were wedded in 2004 when the mayor of San Francisco made marriage licenses available to same-sex couples. The Supreme Court of California later declared these unions void. The couple moved with Stassa to Barcelona, where resident same-sex foreigners may legally marry.
She called them "Papa" y "Daddy". She studies at school in Barcelona and speaks Catalan and Spanish with her friend which is her secret language, as they can speak neither of them.
This photograph is 2nd prize on Daily Life from World Press Photo.
Photograph by Mattia Insolera.

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