22 Feb 2009


We got a ping pong table at office!!!!!
Because of Friday, we started to drink from 6PM and to play ping pong!!! I had to work still though....
Oh, I didn't explained enough, on Friday some companies finish working after lunch in UK, so Friday is generally not too busy.It is not like Japan.
I just thought I have been so lucky to work with them and enjoying to work a lot! Thanks!

And I found a new The Prodigy poster near my office. New Album 23rd of Feb.


ひろみ said...

It is good that work finishes early on Friday.

I'm glad when Japan also becomes so.

Japanish said...

Yes, that's why I have been here!!!! (hahaha) It is good to have an own private time after a job. Also I don't have to wait until out boss leaves. By the way I sometime worked by 5AM when I was in Japan....
Anyway we are small company though. If I work in a bigger company, it will be more strict.