26 Feb 2009

London Sightseeing

Oh, it is Thursday now. Here are some photos of our last weekend. We did sight seeing in London!!
We had been missing a lot of thing in London...

Portbello Market

A cute dog somewhere in Covent Garden

Fish & chips

I was stolen my wallet in there.... but never mind.

Tower bridge.

Tower bridge, another shot.

Tate Modern.
If you want to come to London, you can stay our flat!!!


hideakiiida said...

Stolen your wallet?
I lost my wallet last weekend. But somebody found it and brought it to the police station. My country is beautiful country,ha ha!

Japanish said...

Yes, Japan is much nicer. My wallet was stolen just after I gave a tip to the musician who were playing inside Covent Garden Market... It won't come back to me..... Anyway it was my fault.