18 Feb 2009

JR the hippest street artist since Banksy

JR’s work in Kenya is only the latest in a number of ambitious community projects he has undertaken to aggrandise “ordinary people”.

The exhibition also looks beautiful. JR has a thing for eyes and noses and mouths. Viewed from above, the effect is a kind of physiognomical carnival — one that emphasises the vitality of the photographic subjects. “Normally,” says JR, “you have to be very famous to have your picture blown up so big. But these are just ordinary people, with everyday stories.”


政治 said...

YES! I really like JR!
His message stands out so clear, that everybody should stand out equally. What's so sad about the world today is that those simple truth are easily forgotten. I respect his artistic talent and the ability to take the action he believes in.
Yabecchi, I'm enjoying your new blog!

Japanish said...

So glad you are enjoying our blog, Helena hasn't posted though... JR is really stunning artist now, specially he is taking action!!!!
Check this blog, one of our artist Dragon76.
He went to Africa and did livepainting at orphan's home in Kenya by Peace Boat project. I believe he will be like JR one day.

SEIJI said...

WOW, Dragon san! His work is very cool, stunning, and what I liked the most about his drawing is that there is "STRENGTH" in his painting! Yes, I will look forward to his actions, thanks Yabbechi! I respect very much about these people taking actions in a very international perspective. Please introduce me more ambitious artists that you come across!